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Emerging and committed designers of luxury bags

Our search for nuggets led us to inspired designers who are concerned with sustainable leather goods.
Designers of arty or timeless bags, both aesthetic and functional, from France or other countries. Artists and entrepreneurs who create quality leather goods, with astonishing designs and refined finishes. Browse through the portraits of these designers, presented in the order in which we discovered or met them.

leather goods

Louvreuse Paris

Arty creations inspired by the history of art and the cultural life of Paris. 

Ora Era

Bags for living with passion and a motto: "Made to dream". Refined and playful pieces.

bag designer

Allen St.

Urban and elegant models, assertive colours for aesthetic and daring city dwellers.


Pieces combining origami-inspired designs and meaning with the offer of a light binder in Africa for every purchase made.

Saint Isaure

Colourful, golden and iridescent creations, inspired by the world of dance, with a motto: "Gold is the new Black".

Archipel Paris

Minimalist, seamless bags made from folded leather. 

blonde and brunette in layette

Colourful, lightweight and practical changing bags with plenty of storage space for baby's essentials.

Pascaline Viraben

Monochrome bags with clean lines and strong shapes, made with the know-how of a creative craftsman

Bumbies Paris

Playful and refined mini-bags or pouches, to be worn around the waist or crossed as a banana.

The Leaflet

High-end leather goods, minimalist design and creations focused on everyday use.

Neko Neko Paris

Bags that can be adapted to your desires. Glamorous, durable and playful pieces to play with materials and colours. 

Le Trapèze Paris

Minimalist and refined creations. Careful finishing for models with Asian influences.


Elegant bags with a retro style, made from scraps of automotive fabrics and seat belts.

French designer

Karen Vogt

Multi-faceted bags in upcycled leather, volumes that can be transformed, pieces to be zipped and unzipped according to your desires and needs

Ephyre Paris

Jewellery bags with a strong geometric design. Pieces of fine leather goods adorned with an iconic piercing clasp.

Léage Paris

Unisex and eco-responsible bags, inspired by the world of mathematics. A minimalist design combined with the comfort of the creations.

Versa Versa luxury handbags

Versa Versa Paris

Refined and sparkling bags with interchangeable flaps, to be changed according to your desires or the outfit of the day.

Versa Versa luxury handbags

Thalie Paris

Luxury bags made of recycled salmon leather and cactus fibres. A universe inspired by mythology and creations for the refined city woman.


Eco-friendly, graphic and versatile fine leather goods made from upcycled leathers

Designer of fine leather goods

YTHE Paris

Unisex slow fashion leather goods accessories. Minimalist pieces made in France from upcycled leathers

high quality leather goods new brand

Nous et Paname

Bags and accessories that combine the "beautiful and the useful" to adapt to the multiple uses of everyday urban life. Pieces in upcycled leather.

summer basket

Soamé Paris

The timeless basket revisited with trendy embroidery. Bags made with traditional know-how, to wear by the sea or in town

summer basket


Bags to assert your uniqueness. Unisex luxury leather goods that play with colours, materials and styles

summer basket

Rive Claire

Luxury bags made of AppleSkin without animal material and a retro-chic style for timeless bags.

leon flam bag

Léon Flam

A French leather goods brand inspired by the 1920s and the airmail adventure

leon flam bag


A French brand and eco-responsible backpacks made from recycled bottles 

leon flam bag


French leather goods in upcycled leather and navy leather with bow tie inspired details

leon flam bag

Pierced House

Contemporary art and French leather goods. Unique arty bags to wear every day

leon flam bag

Jane & Co

Made-in-France pouches made from upcycled scarves

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