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Caring for your leather bag: 3 golden rules

A quality and durable bag is above all a bag that is kept for a long time, that lives, is passed on and lasts for years. But a quality bag is also a bag that can be maintained. La Pépixterie gives you 3 golden rules to take care of your bag!

Choosing your eco-responsible bag - New materials for spring

The textile industry is the second most polluting in the world. With this in mind, innovations have been developed that allow people to find the bag of their dreams while at the same time being more ecologically responsible.

Slow Fashion, Slow Food, Slow Bag?

The "slow" trend invites us to focus on the essentials, to favour quality over quantity and to value local craftsmanship. In this context, can an accessory be "slow"? Is there such a thing as a sustainable bag?

The leather route: our guide to getting started

Are you as confused about the difference between split leather and full grain leather as you are about the list of grape varieties when choosing your wine? This guide is for you. 
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