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Caring for your leather bag: 3 golden rules

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A quality and durable bag is above all a bag that is kept for a long time, that lives, is passed on and lasts for years. But a quality bag is also a bag that requires maintenance and care. La Pépixterie gives you 3 golden rules to maintain your leather bag and keep it for a long time!

Tidying up: a key step

Is your dressing room overflowing and are you piling up your accessories like precariously balanced stacks, ready to fall apart at any moment? It's time to do some spring cleaning and go into storage mode.

You don't need to turn into Marie Kondo, just follow these rules to preserve your bag: keep it in its bag, away from light and humidity and don't stack several bags on top of each other if you want to keep the shape of your favourite bags.

maintaining your bag

Drying: an important rule

You've just experienced a heavy downpour with your bag and you're overwhelmed by the idea of never finding your bag in its original state again? Don't panic, if it rains, justlet your bag dry naturally, no hair dryer, no heater, just patience.

For vegetable tanned bags, raindrops will be visible on the bag for a few hours after the rain but will disappear and the bag will develop a patina over time. After a rain shower, wait for the bag to dry or, if patience is not your strong suit, pat the bag dry with a clean, soft cloth and it will be as good as new!

Are you wearing our seaglass bag? Remember to protect the seawater leather part with a rain protection spray. If it rains, let your bag dry for a few days. For the dipped lambskin part, use a dry soft cloth in case of rain.

maintaining your bag

Hydration: a habit to get into

Just like our face, leather is a skin that is important to moisturise. You can moisturise the leather of your bag with a beeswax or a cream suitable for leather which you apply with a clean cloth. 

If you have a vegan or vegetable tanned bag, there are suitable shoe polish creams on the market. For salmon skin marine leather you can use a leather care product for any suede or baby moisturiser.

Need more advice? Do not hesitate to consult our maintenance section on our bags or to contact us:

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